The Edware Cole House


The Town of Camden is situated on a tract of land originally called Brecknock. In 1780, Warner Mifflin purchased 436 acres of this tract and then sold 112 acres to his brother, Daniel Mifflin. That same year, Daniel sold 8 acres to Edward Cole. Cole built the first house in the area known as "Piccadilly" or "Mifflin's Crossroads". However, in 1784, Sheriff John Clayton was directed to sieze the "Lotts with Improvements" and sell at auction to the highest bidder. In 1785, Samuel Howell purchased the property for 57 pounds 17 shillings. 


Throughout the years, some of its owners included the  Lockwood family, Dr. Matthew Faunce, who operated a medical practice here in the 1940's and 50's, and Henry and Marion Tracy. Mrs. Tracy was best known as Dover's dance instructor and her involvement with the Delaware Ballet.


In 2007, John and Tracey Green purchased the Edward Cole House, and in May of that year opened Delaware Bay Trading Company.


Before, During, & After The Renovation